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December 15, 2009 / kormanmatthew

What may come

With the end of the Fall 2009 college semester on the horizon, now comes the inevitable decision of whether or not I am going to continue my work with NJ College Foodie.

Sadly, for some, this post will be my last. But, lets not forgot some of the more important lessons learned in these past few months. I’ve come to learn that cooking, for all its joy and seeming simplicity, is not for everyone. It’s hard, complicated and involved at times. At other times its costly and much more labor intensive than someone, like me, who had minimal experience, can realize.

But along with all the work and thought that can be involved, it’s a real joy to see what one can create when they put all their effort into it. For some, it’s a defined art that is forever changing and complicated. For some like me, it’s a real joy to see ones work become reality after years and years of having someone else do it for you.

In reality, its sad to see it go. But in a real reality, food is something I am no where near mastering. I’ll leave it to the other people who really know what they’re doing to direct the rest of us. In the mean time, I’ll keep creating, cooking and drinking.

But, before I go, here’s some of my personal favorite posts: Spice World, Quesadillas and The Girl Drink, among others.


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