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November 20, 2009 / kormanmatthew

Thanks for the beer

Should beer come with the Thanksgiving day meal? Photo courtesy of the New Belgium Brewing Company

When eating your annual Thanksgiving day dinner, is it acceptable, around family members and friends to drink beer with your meal. This is not a question of whether it is acceptable or not to be drunk during the holiday (no, come on), but if a beer with the dinner would go well. features a special Thanksgiving-time discussion on whether or not beer (and for that matter, what kind of beer) should be consumed during the dinner of all American dinners. “Hoppy IPAs (and other beers on the bitter end of the scale) are out of sync with the sweet and earthy flavors of the Thanksgiving feast,” writes Maggie Hoffman.

Hoffman notes that sweeter, not-so hoppy beers like the typical American ales from places like the Flying Dog Brewery and New Belgium Brewing in Colorado offer a more fitting, sweet rendition that fits more well with the feast.

So when going for the alternative beer for Thanksgiving, avoid the darker, stronger tastes. American ales that verge on the description of sweet with a malty aftertaste blend well with corn, potatoes, stuffing, and whatever else today’s families eat with their late November meals are the way to go.


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