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November 14, 2009 / kormanmatthew

For Thanksgiving


Eat It

For the regular readers of this site, some of you will remember my rant on the obsession of pumpkins in the fall season, catapulting with Halloween and Thanksgiving.

The upcoming late holiday, which marks the pinnacle of food consumption and the start of the everlasting Christmas season in the United States, has grown accustomed to routine. Sure, Websites like Chow and Epicurious offer some enticing variations on some of the holiday’s old staples (you know, Turkey), but more often than not regular people are reluctant to change the way the day is patterned (a problem that doesn’t solely exist on Thanksgiving, but  is more prevalent at the time).

What to do with the existing recipes that so crowd the tables on the last Thursday of November is quite the risk, too. Disappointing your family and friends who are constantly not trying to disappoint one another with a terrible variation on the one meal a year no one is trying to screw up.

So my advice? My advice, in all my collective ideologies about food and desire for greater and more invigorating tastes from across the world; don’t even try.

Cooks, chefs and anyone with a desire to create some great food have 364 other days during the year in which to experiment with flavors. The one day where you should just let things happen? Thanksgiving.


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