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November 12, 2009 / kormanmatthew

Diet of a gamer

The video game culture, when it’s not clouded in the dark depths of a student’s dorm room, is continually prevalent at any U.S. university. What’s all so notable about your typical college-age “gamer” are a few key physical stereotypes.

They are primarily men (lets go with a 98% accuracy here), because women don’t have the urge to make themselves appear so, well, gamer-ish. Their physical representation is usually limited to perilous high-school jokes of which are too obvious for me to mention. And their concern for the social world, for the most part, is usually not too high on the list of concerns.

Food-wise, an all-around diet isn’t too much of concern, either. Topless Robot, a nice little nerd blog, recently made a list of the gamer’s 10 Most Beloved and Unhealthy Gaming Snacks. The list (written by Shaun Clayton) details the little carved niche that the culture has created in terms of food, as uncreative and unhealthy as it is. While the actual piece isn’t from the most scholarly source, I’m really not going to debate its merit.

It’s very funny and true list, with an analysis of each selection, down to the facts that some people (namely myself, referring to #7) did not really want to know. Also to its credit, it makes complete sense.


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