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October 30, 2009 / kormanmatthew

The Girl Drink

As it is with most cultural obsessions and hobbies, drinking has two different perspectives – male and female. Certain drinks exude these declarative symbols; Mohitos, White Russians, Long-islands, etc. Those drinks are what could be perceived as feminine or expressing femininity. The male-orientated tastes are for more simple; beer, whiskey, and gin.

The reasoning between why drinks either fall into the male or female spectrum is beyond taste, although taste is the progenitor to what makes a drink “girly” or “manly.” What make those drinks take sides is permanently engraved in the mystery of the bar, long-standing through cultural regularity that will take years and years to etch away.

The point of this nowhere lecture is what continually frustrates me – why will masculinity prevent men from making good decisions, also known as The Umbrella Complex.

Now, The Umbrella Complex isn’t technically a coined term, it’s something I’ve discovered several years ago. What it means is that men will let their masculinity come between themselves and making good decisions, like electing to not use an umbrella even when it is raining because of the fear that using one will make them look feminine or weak – hence, The Umbrella Complex.

I use the term here because I feel as though that many men are neglecting drinks that are too good to pass up because of their own perceptions or stereotypes of them. A White Russian, for example, is a vodka-based drink mixed with Kahlua and heavy cream. This drink, because of its ease of flavor and overall pleasant taste, is perceived in this light.

Is this important? Hardly if you consider that this is more than likely no where close to any kind of revelation. But, if when is going to delve into the food world, one must also understand that will be preconceived notions of about certain cultural things and that ignorance will follow precedent. In the case of drinking, this is much of the case.


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